That’s all I can sum up earth as.. We just spin, day in and day out. Not really questioning the sky above us.. We forget the expanse we see above is untouchable.. Maybe it’s because we keep ourselves so busy to worry our thoughts with anything other than our daily problems. I shouldn’t really care though, I am known to fall victim to it 90% of the time. i guess that’s just it, we created our world within a world so strongly we lose sight of the big picture. Even the weakest of humans carry that superiority complex that has been deeply rooted inside us since humans were able to realize we had a higher intelligence than the other living things around us.

It’s kind of sad though. To see the rut we have ourselves in. The inescapable trap has been sprung so long ago we have forgotten that we were caught. I see nothing all that special about us, we have nothing to really be proud of, we destroy everything around us. With no real remorse. You may think this does not pertain to you, but it does. The simple act of dropping a gum wrapper on the floor is a perfect example. Whether you are looking at it from a corporate business clear-cutting forests, too massive cities of trash hidden in places you will never see. Have you ever really thought where your trash goes, after the garbage man picks it up? I’m sure it was a flash of thought. But nothing that you ever really sat and pondered on. I’m sure your newest obsession brought on by others is what consumes your mind. Or your loved one who is in pain. or your own worries of life decisions.

Please.. do not confuse me as some vegan-activist, I am non of the sorts. I am the person who throws the gum wrapper on the floor… I’m you, maybe that’s why you should pay heed to what I have to say. Cherish every little thing. It’s the biggest advice that will always be told to you in one way or another.. But that advice is the hardest to follow. Your mind gets cluttered.. It forgets. Don’t worry it’s not your fault.. Just like me you have been bred this way.

I will cry over my sisters death, I will cry over my fathers.. But sadly there will be a day when you will not be able to keep them in your thoughts, where they will not enter it for weeks, who knows, even possibly months. Although, you will remember the death of your celebrity, your favorite character on your favorite, show and movie.. They will be revered and gossiped about amongst friends. over coffee, over dinner.. Their deaths you will properly talk out and feel better over. Those will take driver seat next to your most personal problems..

By know you should know how these posts go, no real purpose. I guess it’s for you to decide on what it is that you need to grab from all of this. You see, I get the benefit of typing to my hearts content. You get the opportunity to make something of it.

Thoughts of a Boy.

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